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  • City of Arvada: Snow Routes

    Find out the city's plan for removing snow and ice from your neighborhood streets. This layer shows the current snow and ice removal routes for the Priority 1 and Priority 2...
  • City of Arvada: Urban Renewal Areas

    AURA’s redevelopment efforts are targeted for areas experiencing economic difficulties. The recommendation that AURA evaluate such areas for possible urban renewal benefits...
  • City of Arvada: Historic Districts

    The Arvada Downtown, Reno Park, Stocke-Walter and the Churches Ranch Historic Districts are the 4 historic districts located in Arvada.
  • City of Arvada: Microblogging - City of Arvada on Twitter

    The City of Arvada is an active user of the microblogging service Twitter. While we have several Twitter accounts, most City business is done through @cityofarvada. For more...
  • City of Arvada: Arvada QuickFacts

    QuickFacts data are derived from: Population Estimates, American Community Survey, Census of Population and Housing, Current Population Survey, Small Area Health Insurance...
  • City of Arvada: Fire Stations

    Fire Stations are placed throughout Arvada and are operated by the Fire Districts. There are 8 fire stations and 1 training center operated by the Arvada Fire Department, along...
  • City of Arvada: Lakes

    Lakes, ponds, and other water bodies located throughout Arvada and the surrounding area.
  • City of Arvada: Libraries

    The locations of the Arvada Library in Olde Town Arvada and the Stanley Lake Library off of Kipling. Both of these libraries are part of the Jefferson County Library system.
  • City of Arvada: Railroads

    The Union Pacific Railroad and the Burlington Northern - Santa Fe Railroad both have tracks that go through Arvada as part of their rail network.
  • City of Arvada: Schools

    There are 23 Elementary schools, 5 Middle schools, 4 High schools, and 1 College in and around Arvada. There are also various Charter, Parochial, and Technical schools in the...
  • City of Arvada: City Facilities

    The City of Arvada operates several city buildings that are used to provide various services to the public. This layer shows the locations for the City Hall Municipal Buildings,...
  • City of Arvada: Land Use Plan

    The Comprehensive Plan is a guide to help the City make decisions and establish its future direction. This maps shows future land use categories and is also known as the Comp Plan.
  • City of Arvada: Traffic Counts

    The City of Arvada's Traffic and Transportation Division conducts regular traffic counts on major roads in the city. They share this information with DRCOG and can be accessed...
  • City of Arvada: Public Works Construction Projects

    This map depicts Public Works projects currently under construction Disclaimer: All project locations and description subject to change.
  • City of Arvada: Business Improvement Districts

    There are currently three Business Improvement Districts in the City of Arvada.
  • City of Arvada: Fire Districts

    Arvada, Fairmount, Coal Creek Canyon, and Southwest Adams County Fire Districts are the 4 Fire Districts that serve Arvada and surrounding areas. These Districts are separate...